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Korsós Æ L. Rudas Dept. Makra Dept. Ábrahám 1st Dept. PVCrelated RR interval fluctuations detected on Holter ECG recordings could be characterized by the heart rate turbulence HRT parameters, including early postextrasystolic acceleration, described by turbulence onset, and late deceleration, described by turbulence slope TS.

We have determined the increasing and decreasing friss hírek a cukorbetegség kezelésére 1 baroreflex sequence sensitivity up- and down-BRS parameters in supine and in upright position in 12 patients with VVI pacemaker while in sinus rhythm. Five—five premature ventricular pacemaker extrastmuli were also applied in both body positions and HRT parameters were calculated.

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The BRS indices decreased significantly upon tilting, which was paralleled by a significant decrease in TS from The relationship is further supported by the similar postural behavior of these parameters. Our results suggest that the confounding effect of posture should be considered when analyzing Holter recordings.

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InSchmidt et al. Heart rate turbulence HRT consists of an early post-extrasystolic acceleration, followed by a late deceleration.

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Two parameters, turbulence onset TO and turbulence slope TSwere introduced to describe these phases. By now, there is a general agreement regarding the mechanism of HRT. The PVC results in a 75 temporary arterial pressure drop, which is followed by a gradual, delayed, sympathetically mediated pressure elevation.

In turn, the pressure changes are mirrored in RR interval fluctuations via arterial baroreflex mechanism. While traditional BRS tests are performed in laboratory environment with standardized conditions, HRT is usually derived from a Holter segment, without accounting for the factors which could alter the baroreflex responses. Among the numerous confounders, the role of body posture is abundantly studied and documented [3, 10].

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In the present study, we enrolled patients who underwent permanent ventricular pacemaker implantation; however, their baseline sinus rhythm remained well preserved. We compared their spontaneous BRS indices to their HRT parameters in supine rest conditions; then, in order to assess the effects of upright posture, the tests were repeated following upright tilt.

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Methods j Patients Participants were recruited from our pacemaker outpatient clinic. Subjects with ventricular pacemaker lead and predominant sinus rhythm were selected.

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All patients gave their written informed consent after a thorough briefing about the study and our local ethical committee approved the protocol. The patients assumed supine rest position on the tilt table.

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Their ECG and blood pressure signals were continuously measured with a Marquette bedside monitor and with the Finapres Ohmeda non-invasive blood pressure monitor. Following a few minutes of adaptation, uninterrupted ECG and arterial pressure baseline signals were recorded for 5 minutes. After the first captured paced beat, the pace- maker frequency was quickly switched back to the original low backup rate. This maneuver was repeated five times.

Each captured paced beat was separated by at least 60 uninterrupted sinus cycles.

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After the series of the paced can diabetes cause pvcs contractions had been completed, the patients had a few minutes of rest, then the tilt table was elevated to 70° head-upright position. In this position another 5-minute ECG and arterial pressure recording was taken. Subsequently the externally paced series of PVC-s was repeated.

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All recordings were peak detected automatically and checked by the investigators. Arterial pressure, RR interval parameters, and the traditional time domain parameters of heart rate variability parameters were determined from the baseline recordings. Spontaneous BRS was determined from the supine and upright baseline recordings.

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For BRS calculation we used the spontaneous sequence method [2]. Spontaneous sequences were defined as three or more consecutive cycles of either systolic blood pressure elevation up sequences or fall down sequences coupled with RR interval changes in the same direction.

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No RR interval limit was set. For all of these sequences, the slope of the line fitted to RRI versus systolic arterial pressure was calculated and averaged separately for up and down sequences up-BRS, down-BRS. This can diabetes cause pvcs was performed only if 5—5 or more sequences were identified during the 5-minute recordings. TS was defined as the maximum positive slope of regression line assessed over any sequence of five subsequent sinus rhythm RR intervals within the first 15 cycles after the paced PVC [22].