Diabetologia Hungarica

Diabetes causes symptoms and treatment


    Gestational diabetes can be associated with it and also genetics can be a key role.

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    This paper aims to explore the connection between DM and the oral cavity. Conditions or diseases which manifest themselves within the oral cavity A lot of kind of procedures can be done for different reasons and to treat different diseases and traumas.

    It is A cautious choice of restoration technique along with applicable material and case selection governs the success of final composite resin It explores the difficulties and limitations the elderly face with regards to receiving the best oral healthcare Patients may be presented with a single click, reciprocal click, functional disc dislocation with or without reduction. Transversal anomalies have dental related problems like Comparing them from when they were first introduced to latest inventions along with tips and tricks on making restorations last longer Dental erosion is an irreversible multifactorial tooth wear, caused by the chemical dissolution of acids not of bacterial Different metals, synthetic and natural polymers, This aims for early treatment of indicated When an X-ray image is taken of a patient, millions of photons will pass through a Introduce the most common fluoride compounds and present the systemic and topical either self-or Radiographic imaging techniques are a valuable tool in oral care for infants, children, adolescents and people with special care Although these associations are widely accepted, the causative role

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