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Atrial fibrillation. Atrial Fibrillation (A Fib) Overview


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    Control all tasks at table side Save time via flexible working Bring images closer to you In atrial fibrillation many different modalities are used during the procedure. With FlexVision Pro you can now control all compatible applications in the interventional lab via the central touch screen module and FlexVision Pro. Not only does this improve workflow within the exam room, it helps reduce the need for team members to leave the sterile area and walk to the control room during procedures.

    This can save time and help avoid delays.

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    • The irregularity can be continuous, or it can come and go.

    KODEX-EPD clinical study evidence The ability to reduce fluoroscopy "The imaging system KODEX-EPD integrated to cryotechnology allows to visualize abnormal atrial fibrillation before angiography, avoiding the search for a separate ostium, and, thanks to the Occlusion feature software, allows to position the cryoballoon correctly by reducing the amounts of time X-ray exposure and contrast.

    This technology overcomes limitations of the current technologies and offers benefits for both cryo and RF ablation procedures.

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    It has the potential to provide new insights into complex cardiac structures to greatly simplify navigation and therapy delivery. It delivers excellent visibility at low X-ray dose levels for patients of all sizes.

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    Multiple clinical studies on more than patients have been published on ClarityIQ technology to date revealing one truth: significantly lower dose across clinical areas, patients and operators. Learn more about EPD Solutions FlexSpot As more applications come into your lab, atrial fibrillation more important than ever to work as efficiently as possible. FlexSpot gives you seamless access to all applications at one compact, customizable workplace to significantly reduce clutter and simplify workflow.

    Team members can perform different tasks separately, without interrupting each other, to reduce gaps between cases.